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    Low-Speed Electric Vehicle ( E-Trikes )

    Local share taxis are popular among the general public in Southeast Asia, and are being utilized mainly for public transport. More than 10 million local share taxis exist in this region to provide public mass transport to their respective citizens. Despite its number and importance, these local share taxis barely live up to the usual standard of vehicle safety, inspection, and maintenance. In addition, poor regulation standards are set by respective governments, causing vehicle trouble, heavy traffic congestion, and pollution.

    Traffic Condition of the Philippines

    Concerns are constantly being raised regarding air pollution and deterioration of infrastructures due the economic development of countries in Southeast Asia that is in-line with China's economic growth. In response to the circumstance, more environmentally friendly transport systems, such as Hybrid Vehicle (HV), and Electric Vehicles (EV), are rapidly being introduced with the support of subsidies granted by the government of those countries. In these situations, we have the prospect that there are strong demands for introducing the eco-cars into the market of share taxis in the countries. We have been developing low-speed electric vehicles ( E-Trikes ) since 2012, aiming to improve the environment and create new jobs in the Philippines. We completed a prototype of the E-Trikes ( α- 1 Type ) in 2013. In the same year, we became the first Japanese company to acquire the vehicle identification number for Electric Tricycles in the Philippines. After that, we have been continuing a succession of local test drives of our E-Trikes.

    3-D Designing of E-Trike
    α1 Type E-Trike
    Test Drive

    Since November of 2014, our company together with Almazora Motors Corporation, our local manufacturing partner, has already started with the mass production of our latest innovation of electric tricycle, the "68VM".

    68VM for Mass-Production
    Production Line
    E-Trikes Produced

    Our company is continually gaining positive feedback from the Philippine government. First of all, the Philippine's Department of Energy together with the Asian Development Bank presented our company the award of the bid on procurement of 3,000 of E-Trikes. Next, our request to implement an operation for a verification survey with JICA has been approved, wherein our 68VM E-Trikes will be deployed to undergo a pilot run in Quezon City, Philippines. In addition, our company implemented a project of test drives of our E-Trikes in the campus of University of the Philippines.

    Parade in UP
    ( University of the Philippines )
    E-Trikes Operated in UP
    E-Trikes Operated in Boracay

    PCU ( Power Control Unit )

    Our company continues to innovate Power Control Unit (PCU), our 68VM's key component, mainly consisting of motor, inverter, lithium-ion battery, and electrical control unit (ECU). We also develop BMU (Battery Management Unit).

    VCU Motherboard
    Lithium-ion Battery Module
    BMU Motherboard

    EV Conversion

    With the Power Control Unit (PCU), we have been informing the public the benefits of switching the utilization of the traditional gas powered vehicles to electric vehicles.

    Sambar Converted to EV
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