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    Privacy Policy

    Guidelines for protecting personal information

    The protection of personal information is an extremely important topic. We at Uzushio Electric Co., Ltd. believe that it is our social duty to properly manage the personal information that we deal within various operations. Therefore, we have established the following guidelines for the protection of personal information and are making every effort to inform officers, employees and related staff for further protection of the information.

    1. Collecting, using, and providing personal information

    Personal information that is provided us in the course of our work by clients is held in the strictest confidentiality.We have established a system for managing and protecting personal information, and have set in-house regulations for collecting, using, and providing appropriate personal information. We strictly abide by these regulations and system.

    2. Safety measures and training for personal information

    We believe in the importance of protecting personal information and provide educational and enlightening training in this field to our employees. We have also developed measures for preventing improper access to information, loss of, damage to and modification to and leakage of personal information in order to maintain the accuracy and safety of this information. Appropriate steps are taken immediately to rectify any problem that may occur.

    3. Strict adherence to the laws and regulations governing personal information

    We strictly adhere to Japan’s laws, regulations, guidelines, etc., in our management of personal information.

    4. Trouble with personal information and measures for action and consultation

    Whenever there is a problem or consultation about the personal information we possess, we make sure that the request is valid, then we take immediate and diligent steps to resolve the matter.

    5. Continuous Improvements

    In order to undertake the above activities, we have formulated and implemented appropriate rules and regulations for protecting personal information, conduct regular inspections of these activities, and continuously review them and make revisions when necessary.

    About the handling of personal information

    1. Purposes of acquiring and using personal information

    Our company utilizes personal information for the following purposes:

    • Executing business contracts
    • Operating and managing facilities
    • Confirming the duties and accounting associated with employees in our operations
    • Confirming decisions to hire staff
    • Other purposes, for which the person in question has agreed to in advance.

    2. Providing and entrusting

    Within the scope required for achieving our purposes of use, we provide and entrust information to other companies in our group. However, with the exception of a few cases that are grounded in a legal basis, personal information will not be provided to any third party without the agreement of the person.

    3. Safety management

    We have established comprehensive measures for protecting personal information and rigorously adhere to them.

    4. Actions we take regarding the release, correction, and deletion of personal information

    People who have entrusted personal information with our company have the right to ask for the release of that information. If such information is released, but it contains errors, they have the right to ask us to correct or delete it. If they ask us to release, correct, delete, etc., their personal information, we will check to determine whether or not the request is appropriate, and will take quick and diligent action on the matter.

    5. Contact information

    For information about releasing, correcting, and deleting personal information, as well as items related to refusal to use, provide and entrust it, or for information about consultations or troubles with personal information, please contact Human Resources and Training Section for details on the procedures.

    6. Handler

    The person responsible for protecting and managing personal information is Hirokaza Ono (Section Manager of Human Resources and Training Section).

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